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Key Features

Scans computers and network for password-protected files (Encryption Analyzer Professional included)

Acquires memory images of the seized computers (FireWire Memory Imager included)

Retrieves electronic evidence in a matter of minutes from a Windows Desktop Search Database (Search Index Examiner included)

Recovers Mac User Login passwords from computer memory New!

Supports Distributed and Cloud Computing password recovery Runs from a USB thumb drive and recovers passwords without installation on a target PC (Portable Version included)

Rainbow Tables

Following products have been developed by Objectif Sécurité, the inventors of RAINBOW TABLES.

This unique program cracks Word and Excel documents using rainbow tables. It cracks the default encryption technique (the one compatible with Office '97) of these documents within a few minutes.
Ophcrack_office is based on rainbow tables. With less than 4 Gigabytes of tables, ophcrack_office can crack Word and Excel files in a few minutes with a success rate of 99.6%.

The operations are quite straight-forward.

  • Use the File menu to select the Word or Excel file you want to crack.
  • Use the Crack menu to start cracking.

If ophcrack_office does not find its rainbow tables, you need to go to the Options menu and set the directory where they are found.

  • Use the File menu to save the decrypted document into a new file.

Rainbow tables for ophcrack

Ophcrack is the most efficient Windows password cracker on the market. It is based on rainbow tables which speed up the cracking process consequently.

Ophcrack is distributed as free and open software by Objectif Sécurité for several sets of rainbow tables:

  • XP special
  • Vista special
  • German characters

Rainbow tables for ophcrack

These large rainbow tables are intended especially for security professionals and enterprises. Higher resources are needed in order to get an efficient cracking.

These tables for ophcrack are sold in bundle on an external USB/ eSata harddrive, which is included in the price. Tables included in the bundle:

  • Vista special
  • Vista seven
  • Vista eight
  • Vista nine
  • Vista num


  • Runs on Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, ...
  • Cracks LM and NTLM hashes
  • Free tables available for Windows XP and Vista
  • Brute-force module for simple passwords
  • Audit mode and CSV export
  • Real-time graphs to analyze the passwords
  • LiveCD available to simplify the cracking
  • Loads hashes from encrypted SAM recovered from a Windows partition

Hardware Accelerators

TACC 1441

TACC1441 sets the new standard in password recovery performance. Working in conjunction with software from the established leader in password recovery , the device delivers unprecedented password attack rates. Internal and external configurations available.

WinRAR, PGP, and WinZip are widely used file formats which present enormous challenges for password recovery software running on traditional processing platforms.

As the chart shows, the TACC1441 accelerates each of these algorithms by a factor of 6x - 30x compared to the un-accelerated processors. And that's just one TACC1441... Several TACC1441 units can be connected to a single host to boost performance even further.


Rack-A-TACC is a rack mounted network appliance that leverages multiple TACC1441 accelerators to recover passwords from encrypted files using dictionary and brute-force attack methods.

Rack-A-TACC units integrate four accelerators into a single 2U chassis controlled by a quad core host computer with optimized I/O channels. This design allows the appliance to be used as an individual stand alone system for breaking passwords or to be integrated into a distributed network for increased scalability and performance.

Super Computer

FRED SC (Super Computer) is the first commercially available SuperComputer designed and optimized for parallel processing with four NVIDIA® CUDA™ Graphic's Processing Units (GPU's).

The FRED-SC system has four liquid cooled NVIDIA GTX480 Video cards (each with one onboard GPU consisting of 480 stream processors per GPU).

A total of 1920 CUDA processors are available on this system for massive parallel processing and computation.

Not all Forensic applications will benefit from this massive amount of computational power. One major application that will, however, is brute force password recovery. The acceleration technology offloads parts of computational-heavy processing onto the fast and highly scalable processors featured in the NVIDIA's latest graphic accelerators.

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